Diverse by Design: Crafting Inclusive Syllabi

On Wednesday, March 6th, we held our Diverse by Design: Crafting Inclusive Syllabi event. The event consisted of panelists introducing their syllabi to an audience and discussing how they incorporate race into the core of their syllabus. Panelists offered many insightful methods of doing this, including tailoring content to the demographics of the student body, evenly dispersing diverse and cultural content throughout the course (as to not tokenize the content), increase accessibility of course content (utilizing various forms to deliver content, i.e. video, music, etc.), and many others. Examples of utilizing these methods were shown in the context of English, medical sociology, and cinema studies and can be applied to many other fields in the social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences.

unnamed (1)

Following the presentation of the syllabi of the panelists, attendees participated in a gallery walk of syllabi that were works in progress. Participants rotated amongst three tables and discussed syllabus structure and content with the instructors, offering suggestions and feedback. Instructors and participants found the discussion very fruitful, so much so that it was hard to get people to rotate to the next table! Overall the event was quite successful, and we thank all that came and shared their knowledge and perspective on making a more inclusive syllabus.


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